media advertising

We specialize in advertising media planning and buying

  • Appropriate adverts or global campaigns
  • Using all manner of displays: press, radio, TV, OOH...
  • National, international, regional or local
  • Centralized data on rates, profiles, audiences.
  • Media and audience research: EGM, OJD, Geomex
  • Negotiation with media
  • Search for specialist displays and new media
  • Discounts in the creation of your advertising pieces
  • Services for advertisers and advertising agencies

Depending on the goals set by your organization, we put forward a communication strategy aimed at your audience. We plan your campaigns by negotiating advantageous conditions with the media and execute them by conducting a follow up that helps us optimize the results.

We are constantly committed to the creative and rational planning of advertising media based on qualitative and quantitative research on different displays, their audiences and the synergies between the two.

Tell us about your needs and we will be happy to advise you.

Media Advertising

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Media Agency

Media Agency:
research, media planning

Depending on your target audience and budget, we conduct a media and audience analysis of statistical data to determine the displays that are most suited to your needs as an advertiser. This is how we manage to maximize the profitability of your advertising investment.

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